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Hakka Research Center
Found in 2013, the Hakka Research Center at the National Dong Hwa University is the only institute focusing on Hakka studies in Eastern Taiwan.
Different from other regions in Taiwan, the Hakkas in Eastern Taiwan has particular experiences in its own historical development. The Hakkas in Eastern Taiwan, so-called the secondary immigration of Hakka, moved to this land due to several reasons such as obeying the national immigration policy, adapting agricultural land shortage, and releasing from economic pressure. Due to the local environment, the Hakkas here has its own unique evaluations in historical development, ethnicism, language, life style and art, all of which are different from other regions. In the present day, the Hakka people here have made this area one of the most important Hakka regions in Taiwan, in addition to Hsinchu, Taoyuan, Miaoli, Kaohsiung, and Pingtu.
Using local vantages, this center will integrate related departments and faculty resources into a research and communication platform for domestic and international cooperation of Hakka study. Through the systematical works of local field data collection and interdisciplinary integration, we believe this brand-new center will not only advance our knowledge in Hakka studies, but also broadcast and popularize the beauty of Hakka culture.